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Describes the Kingsley Area History Collection, 1880s-1990s. Collection includes published and unpublished works, covering area history from Grand Traverse, Leelanau and Benzie counties.
Finding aid of Floyd Webster Historical Photograph Collection, inclusive of 1880s to 1990s Village of Kingsley history.
"History on display", 7 August 1990. Newspaper article about Kingsley historian Floyd Webster, who donated the images for the current digital collection to the Kingsley Branch Library over a period of years. Article appeared in the Traverse City…
Floyd M. Webster's photograph collection on display, 1990. Photographs display the history of Kingsley, Paradise Township and surrounding areas.
Tom Power, 1990. Riding in antique car in Heritage Day Parade in Kingsley, (Mich.). Campaigning for re-election as our State Representative.
Floyd Webster, Dennis Webster, Earl Haycraft and his wife, 1992. Riding in Ford Mustang in the Heritage Day Parade. Floyd Webster is the Village Historian.
Floyd M. Webster, Village Historian, in Kingsley, (Mich.), 1990. Riding in the Heritage Day Parade.
Mr. John Harrison, oldest Kingsley (Mich.)citizen, 1992. Heritage Day Parade. John is 99 years old.
Lane Fenton and wife, Zennah Fenton, 1986. Grand Marshall in Heritage Day Parade.
Mayor, Rodney Bogart and Robert Hoeflin, 1988. Riding in Robert Hoeflin's corvette for the Heritage Day Parade.
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