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a postcard in sepia tone showing a lumber mill building. Stretched in front of it, there's a body of water filled with floating logs. Dry logs are piled up at least a story high.
A group of fourteen lumberworkers (all men), their two horses, and a dog, sitting near a sled full of Logs. Top log marked "20,000"
Case & Crotser Mill in Kingsley, (Mich.), 1901. Front, left to right: Carl Case, Bill Mumro, Irwin Crotser, Ralph Glass, Fred Wilcox. Back row: Bert Weaton, Charles Johnson, Lee Reil, Henry Brooks, Fred Holladay, Charles Hoeflin, Don Wood burning…
Case & Crotser Mill in Kingsley, (Mich.), 1906. Located West of Brownson home. Owned by Ralph Case and Joe Crotser.
Crew of the Munshaw Brothers Mill, 1883.
Crotser families in 1898. Mr. Burkett (local mill owner), Irvin and Lizzie Crotser and son Harold, Lena (Crotser) Overhoet and son Clyde, and Joe and Ella Crotser.
Floating logs down the Manistee River near Kingsley, (Mich.), 1910. Harry Taylor, Millard Nickerson, and friend.
Hart's Camp in Kingsley, (Mich.), 1910. Jim White, Fred Young, Fred Arlt, Allyen Dean, and Ralph Schuster on log.
Hauling logs to Case & Crotser Mill, 1906. Front load driven by Aaron Box. Back load driven by Clayton Olds. Blackman School in back ground.
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