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Black and white image dated 1915 of a parade car with a banner reading "J.H. Steinberg" in front of the Steinberg Opera House on 229 E. Front St. In 1915, the state of Michigan passed a law banning the screening of movies on the second floor of…
Black and white photograph of Steinberg's Opera House with an unknown department store beneath and the Lyric Theatre partially visible, ca. 1930. The year 1891 is on the side of the building.
The Lyric Theatre in 1934.
01- Darker copy.
02- Lighter copy.
Colored, pen and ink drawing of Traverse City, Michigan, looking west on Front Street from Park Street. Shops shown include J.C. Penney, Gamble's, Netzorg's Milady's Beauty Shop and the Lyric Theater.
The Lyric Theatre in 1930.
01- Darker copy.
02- Lighter copy.
03- The negative.
A photograph of Front Street featuring Steinberg's Grand Opera House and the Lyric Theatre.
01- The developed photograph.
Composite picture of the Lyric Theater fire and the fire fighters in action. Fire Captain Chuck Thiel, Fire Chief Roy Green and A.C. "Ted" Greenlaw are shown. The building was rebuilt and opened as the State Theater in 1949.
Ruins of the Lyric Theater on Front Street after the fire. The photo is dated January 11, 1923.
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