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Black and white image dated 1915 of a parade car with a banner reading "J.H. Steinberg" in front of the Steinberg Opera House on 229 E. Front St. In 1915, the state of Michigan passed a law banning the screening of movies on the second floor of…
Black and white photographic portrait identified as "Steinberg, Julius, Dry Goods, Carpets and Clothing, Proprietor and Manager of Steinberg's Opera House."
Black and white photograph of Steinberg Store and Opera House, ca. 1906. There is a large group, mostly children, standing in front of the Store.
Black and white photograph of cast of stage production "The Nautical Knot" at Steinberg's Opera House, March 29, 1912.
Black and white photograph of Steinberg's Opera House stage set for a play or other event.
Black and white photograph of Julius Steinberg in Steinberg's Opera House on the set of the "Remember the Maine" play, 1898.
Black and white photograph of participants in a parade on Front Street. Steinberg's Opera House is center rear.
William S. Hart at Steinbergs Opera House
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