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Postcard of a horse and buggy at Edgewood Resort on Old Mission.
Four photos of the Dougherty house. A) Plaque outside of house B) Front of house C) Closer view of front of house D) Front of house with hammock
Photo of school children at Old Mission
Portrait picture of the Albert Irish family.
Overview of Ford Island (Marion Island) taken from the Freidrich Tower on Old Mission Peninsula.
Three black and white photographs of Spider Lake, Old Mission house, and the Walton Farm. The Spider Lake photograph has written on it: "C.R. Wait Photo."
A general Store at Old Mission village. Sign in the window advertises "Fresh Candies" and "Fine Cigars."
A simple 1-2 story residence, slightly obscured by trees with a fence separating the property from the dirt road.

4 photos taken at Old Mission of Edith Courtade and her friends, "the Bunch".
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