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A train known as the Manitou Limited from The Town of Crescent on N. Manitou Island.
Engine #48 on an early bridge. A small group of men stand around the engine.
A black and white photograph of Engine #8 of M & NE Train line. The Engineer is visible in an open window, and black smoke is visible.
Black and white photograph of Engine #3 of the M & NE train line. A man is sitting on the cow catcher of the Engine, and a coal car and passenger car are attached, with three men visible on the passenger car. A man is sitting on the ground next to…
Black and white photograph of a locomotive on the Grand Rapids & Indiana railroad south of Traverse City
Black and white postcard of Pere Marquette Train Station, an Orson Peck Promotional shot. It was never built.
Pere Marquette train crossing the Manistee River on the High Bridge forty miles south of Traverse City.
TC L & M train in a snow drift
T.C. L.& M. Snow plough ploughing the Keswick cut near Traverse City, MI. Postcard.
G. R. & I. Snowplow at Kalkaska
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