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A portrait including eleven adults, six women and five men, and five childen, three boys and two girls. All wearing fine period clothing.
Portrait of Lt. Conn. M. Nelson, in military uniform.
Gretchen (Haviland) Pennington smiling at the camera. Married to Willis (Bill) Pennington and a teacher in the Traverse City schools for many years.
Portrait of Stella Inazette Goodall Kneeland wearing a dress. She was Dr. Charles Kneeland's wife.
Bill Send sitting inside their home in a reclining chair.
The subject, Homer Nye, standing in an office, wearing a fine suit.
Newborn Mamie Rusch, wearing in period dress while fitting on a fur blanket, born 6/24/1910
Lyman Willcox, wearing some kind of navel uniform.
A photograph (possibly from a newspaper) of Mark Monroe, in formal wear.
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