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A black and white photograph of a lumberyard. There is a young man sitting on top of a stack of logs. He is wearing a long sleeved button up shirt, long pants, work boots, a hat or cap, and dark colored gloves. These logs have been cut to an even…
Eight workers and a team of at least three horses at Gibbs lumber camp No. 7 near Kingsley near the Knight property, standing and loading lumber onto a sleigh.
A group of fourteen lumberworkers (all men), their two horses, and a dog, sitting near a sled full of Logs. Top log marked "20,000"
A crew of seven lumber camp workers and their four horses.
Four men in period dress, two of which are standing at the top of a log pile while the other two stand at the bottom.
a postcard in sepia tone showing a lumber mill building. Stretched in front of it, there's a body of water filled with floating logs. Dry logs are piled up at least a story high.
Weaver Mill in Kingsley, (Mich.), 1908. Located North and West of John Wall place. Cutting for Case & Crotser Mill.
Crew of the Munshaw Brothers Mill, 1883.
McCurdy Mill on Westminister Road near Kingsley, (Mich.), 1902.
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